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    Medical information

    From the pre-filled syringe to the self-injection pen, Aguettant has pioneered a multitude of innovations in ready-to-administer solutions that improve patient care and make medical practices safer.

    Our research and development activities all aim to improve care for patients who are seriously ill.
    We are fully aware of the complexity of the process of providing medicinal care for patients, due to the diversity of the pathologies and their degree of urgency, which is the reason why we strive to develop innovative, ready-to-administer solutions that are designed to prevent medication errors.

    The Aguettant pre-filled syringe

    Our polypropylene syringes are delivered pre-filled and ready-to-use in sterile packaging.

    In an emergency, they significantly mitigate the risk of handling errors, thereby improving the quality and the safety of care.

    Four medicines are already available in pre-filled syringes, and others are currently being developed.


    The self-injection multi-dose pen

    This disposal device is designed to enable patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease to administer their own treatment at home.